I did a review of this back when it first came out. This will be an update of that review. Does that mean I’m partially plagiarizing myself?

This is why DYI electrolosis is a bad idea.

Space Ace #6 FINAL ISSUE

Arcana Comics (2009)

PLOT: Robert Kirkman & Ryan Foley

SCRIPT: Ryan Foley

ARTIST: Maria Cristina Francisco

COLORS: Arcana Studio

LETTERER: Shawn Depasquale

Space Ace and Kimberly have their final showdown with Borf and Gorf, which results in the Matter Divider exploding and splitting Ace into his three age forms. Kimberly is knocked out in the crash leaving the three Aces to beat the brothers, who are taken into custody Ace and Kimberly are wed.

What they got right: The mini-series ends with a bang (kind of literally) and a happy ending. I like that. I also like some of the cameos at the wedding, some of which were born out of this title’s original publisher, Crossgen, and MV Creations–specifically Orko from the 2003 Masters Of The Universe tie-in as well as Dirk The Daring and Princess Daphne from Dragon’s Lair, a comic also crossing publishers with this miniseries. I pointed them both out in the original review but there they are again.

These are the only cameos I recognize (maybe the rest are staff from the creative studio or one or both of the publishers?) and I’m hoping the Dragon’s Lair comic returned the favor somehow since Masters Of The Universe clearly couldn’t but it wasn’t a Don Bluth property anyway. I didn’t read Dragon’s Lair so I don’t know what they did. It took me years to finally learn how the story to this miniseries ended thanks to Crossgen closing and Arcana reprinting the first three before finishing the series and it was worth the wait.

What they got wrong: I had way too much trouble telling Borf and Gorf apart. I think some of the word bubbles being mixed up just added to the confusion. (One is even missing when Borf (?) is punching Ace.) Maybe if the cape didn’t keep disappearing or they had more distinct hairstyles and facial designs I wouldn’t have had any problem. Were they supposed to be twins?

What I think overall: If you liked the game, then this should be a good comic to get. If you didn’t it’s still a fun sci-fi adventure, though at least knowledge of the game’s plot and/or Saturday Supercade episodes are a benefit.


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