The New Teen Titans anti-drug special wasn’t my introduction to the Teen Titans. It was in reruns of Filmation’s DC superhero shows collected into what the local channel at least called Superman/Batman/Aquaman, though it also featured the Justice League Of America’s joint and individual adventures and the Teen Titans. However, it was my exposure to the “definitive” roster of the team, minus Robin due to weird rights issues I mentioned in my review, which having just browsed I think I want to do over someday because I didn’t do the usual deep dive that Scanning My Collection tends to be and I don’t think the overview really highlights why I like it. However, we’re not here to talk about that one story but the concept overall.

Originally created in a Brave And The Bold story, the idea soon led to their own series. However, it was the late George Pérez and Marv Wolfman responsible for the lineup you see from the characters today, though a few have been taken out of the lineup in the more recent shows, sticking to Robin (not Nightwing but still Dick Grayson), Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, the middle ones created for this comic. Since I’m trying to get my schedule on track this week with so many late posts for the feature article this week I’m pulling the retrospective card on this one. However, I already used my allotment of He-Man for this week so I’m swiping from Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug and his collected “March Of The Titans” retrospective. I’ll also link to the individual videos in case you don’t have over two hours right now and just want a sample to review later.

Before posting that however I feel it necessary to post his review of the first appearance of what would become The Teen Titans, the team-up book The Brave & The Bold #54, as Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad took on the evil Mister Twister, who would show up as a recurring nemesis.

Since he doesn’t have them posted to his website for whatever reason here are the individual episodes on YouTube before posting the collected version:

  • Team history Part 1 and Part 2: An overview of the team history up to his introduction to the characters.
  • The Technis ImperativeLinkara’s favorite comic and introduction to the Titans as they battle their seniors in the JLA to protect a member of their own team while everyone tries to stop him from destroying the world.
  • The Titans #1-25: The teens grow up and get their own comic.
  • The Titans #26-50: What happens when you give a series to people who don’t even attempt to understand it, thus ruining something good.

Those are the individual episodes, here’s the collected versions, videos through March 2013, re-uploaded to YouTube in 2015:

Now maybe I can get back on schedule!


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