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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #15

Marvel/Paramount Comics (March, 1998)

“Requiem In Obsidian”

WRITERS: Andy Mangels & Michael W. Martin

PENCILER: Greg Scott

INKER: Josef Rubinstein


LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

Eight years ago Garak “fired” a courier for the Obsidian Order, a member of a telepathic race called the Ullian. In present day Garak has been having headaches as his brain is slowly falling apart. This is due to the courier planting a telepathic virus in his head, which may have been inhibited by the recently removed implant. Now Garak is seeing the courier, but it’s actually her sister, come not for revenge but to cure him as penance for her sister’s action. (Ullians are usual non-violent but the courier was a special case.) However this comes at the cost of her own life, not helped when Etana mistakes what she’s doing for an attack. It’s not the stun that killed her but the process to end the virus. Garak lives, but even he wonders which was the greater revenge.

What they got right: It’s interesting to delve into Garak’s past with the Obsidian Order and this story in particular is rare in that he’s a bit more open about the events than usual, a necessity even he realizes. (Though he doesn’t mention the killing part around Ziyal.) We also get a character that appears to be an assassin but is actually here to undo one’s damage. That’s a nice twist.

What they got wrong: I actually don’t have one personally. Garak being more open than usual would be one if it didn’t make sense to the story.

What I think overall: A gook Garak-focused story with an interesting twist.


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