For a reminder, my review of the first issue.

“I thought Wonderland characters were Batman’s problem.”

The Fury Of Firestorm #2

DC Comics (July, 1982)

“Rage!” (“Day Of The Bison” part 2)

WRITER: Gerry Conway

ARTISTS: Pat Broderick & Robin Rodriguez


LETTERER: Todd Klien

EDITOR: Len Wein

Still under his great grandfather’s influence, John Ravenhair is on a rampage as Black Bison. Firestorm has no luck finding him, but Martin sees a news story that convinces him to warn Senator Reilly he might be a target. Instead it’s the senator’s daughter Lorraine Bison is after, opting to take the senator’s “futures” for crimes past against Native Americans. Firestorm follows him to the park but is not doing well against Bison’s magical power to bring inanimate objects to life. Theorizing the power comes from the amulet the arrival of John’s fiancé gives him the ability to fight back against his grandfather and the nuclear hero a chance to remove the amulet, returning John to his right mind.

What they got right: It’s a good debut for Lorraine, who will become important to Firestorm’s story over time. John able to fight the Black Bison persona to protect his fiancé was good, as it showed love was more powerful than his late relative’s hate. The smaller moments like the scene with the kid and his bicycle were nice touches.

What they got wrong: This may be when Cliff was still tolerable but knowing what he becomes I’d rather not see him at all and he doesn’t contribute anything. Frankly neither does Ronnie’s girlfriend at the time or Harry Carew’s appearance. I think Ronnie and Martin should have talked about letting Doreen in on things though that’s based on things she does later in the series.

What I think overall: I’m glad I finally got to see how this story ends. It’s a good story, though I would like to know how the statues can talk and know about the stories they’re based on. Yes, the moving part doesn’t make sense either but I’m used to that after all these years. I enjoyed reading it.


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