“Someone get me a really big pin!”

Robotech: The New Generation #25


Comico The Comic Company (July, 1998)

“Symphony Of Light”

ADAPTATION: Markālan Joplan

PENCILER: Thomas A. Tenney

INKER: Rich Rankin

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

Scott and Corg have their battle, but Scott’s fighter is knocked out. As Rand and Rook back them up Marlene tries to help Scott but right now all he can think about is fighting the enemy. This earns him a sock from Rand, reminding him about Lancer and Sera’s own budding relationship. Inside Reflex Point the others try to convince the Regiss to abandon Earth. As she reaches out to find a new home she picks up the Flower Of Life back on their home planet of Optera and begins to move her people back home. Scott manages to finally defeat Corg once and for all and the Invid, except for Sera and Marlene, head home. With only a little protoculture left on Earth Scott takes on a mission to find the SDF-3 and Admiral Hunter, but promises to return to the new Marlene, leaving the old one and his past behind him with an eye on the future. To that end, Lancer officially and publicly retires the Yellow Dancer persona.

What they got right: As what was originally the final issue of the series (not counting the “Dana’s Story” special) and also the final episode and official story (until the failed movie attempt, The Sentinels and The Shadow Chronicles) it ends on the highest note of all three shows used. The Invid get their homeworld back, Earth is saved as the Regiss blows up the missiles and saves Earth as a “neenerneener” before leaving, Lancer gets to focus on his music career, missing is Rand and Rook as an official couple, Scott and Marlene confirm their romance is still on, and there’s still hope for the future of the planet. There’s also a nod to longtime Robotech editor Dana Schutz (though sadly none of the writers prior to Joplin) and the current creative team.

What they got wrong: Some of the pages are oddly colored. For people who aren’t savvy about the behind the scenes, some colorists (I don’t know how often now in this computer age when software makes coloring easier but I still see computer colorists do this) will use alternate colors for their flats before using the proper colors on the final colored piece. I think that’s what they did on a couple of the pages here, accidentally use the flats instead of the final colors. I also feel that “Marlene” should have gone with her Invid name Ariel at the end, further playing on Scott putting Marlene behind. (Remember she was given the name of Scott’s dead fiancé when she had amnesia.)

What I think overall: This was a great end to the original Robotech, but the show turned out popular and memorable enough that a franchise would follow, continuing the odyssey in prequel and sequel form. We’ll start the sequel part next time, with the one that isn’t canon, and personally I’m okay with that.


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