“I’ll give these icons what for!”

Spider-Man: The Manga #18

Marvel Comics (September, 1998)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryoichi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda

RETOUCH/PRODUCTION: Dan Nakrosis & Rob Kuzman

COVER DESIGN: Jeffrey Huang

EDITOR: Glenn Breenberg

Yu is taken to the back room of a nightclub to get beat up by the girl’s brother, but they opt not to kill him. Leaving through the club he finds Rumi working there but is dragged out for being too young. He uses the Kendo captain’s name to further goad him, not realizing that the girl was attacked for being at that club. When the Kendo team tricks him out to the same area to kill him and confesses why they attacked her, Araki overhears everything and witnesses Yu beat the tar out of all of them, but he won’t explain how he got so powerful. Instead, Yu feels even more alone.

What they got right: At least the bad guys got the beating they deserve.

What they got wrong: However, it’s Araki and Yu’s word over four respected members of the Kendo club, including their captain. Are they really going to face justice and Yu’s name cleared? Will the brother apologize? I’m only guessing we’ll learn more about what’s happening to Rumi. Also, the cover is just a panel from the comic colorized. I’m not impressed.

What I think overall: I’m kind of conflicted over this arc. Watching Yu get dumped on this much just isn’t fun to see. I’m still not ready to ditch the whole run from my collection, but it is in danger at the moment.


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