“I wonder if other Sonics have Eggmen this lame?”

Sonic X #19

Archie Comics (June, 2007)

“Muerta! Las Vegas!”

WRITER: Joe Edkin

PENCILER: Tracy Yardley!

INKER: Terry Austin


COVER ART: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

LETTERER: John Workman

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Eggman goes to Las Vegas to steal poker chips to exchange for money to buy robot parts. Yes, we’re still on this bit. Coincidentally Chris’s dad just opened a new casino, which leads to Tails and Amy battling Eggman’s “two-armed bandit” until Sonic shows up. Together the trio defeat the robot and send Eggman running.

What they got right: The art style matches the show. I know, that sounds worse that the story is by having that one positive but…

What they got wrong: …the story just isn’t very interesting. A lot of it is Chris, Amy, Tails, and Sonic until he gets bored goofing around in the kids section arcade until Sonic gets bored and goes for a run while Eggman builds his robot out of parts in a slot machine warehouse. There’s a fun nod to Sonic Spinball with Sonic not liking pinball games, but then you have a joke about CSI: Las Vegas, seeing Celine Dion in concert, and some genre savvy lines that just take me out of the story for being blatant Vegas references or bending the fourth wall.

What I think overall: Yep, the series is back to not being good.


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