I guess Amy Rose is a pegwarmer.

Sonic X #21

Archie Comics (August, 2007)

“Sub Sonic”

WRITER: Mike Bullock

PENCILER: David Hutchison

INKER: Terry Austin


LETTERER: John Workman

COVER: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellito

Chris is excited about a new line of toys but Uncle Chuck wants to meet his old friend who has perfected a shrink ray they were working on. Eggman tries to steal it but ends up getting himself, Bocoe, Decoe, Sonic, and Tails shrunk to action figure size. The fight is carried into the toy store while Chuck and his colleague try to fix the machine, eventually restoring everyone to their proper size.

What they got right: Sure, the concept’s been done before but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a good story. There’s a reason it’s been done before after all.

What they got wrong: I think Bullock is just out of his element on this story. He’s written some great stories, including stuff for Moonstone’s Phantom comics, but this just doesn’t feel up to his usual standards. I think it’s just lighter than he’s used to and while he succeeds in the kid-friendly route it just comes out a bit flat.

What I think overall: The story itself is okay but nothing really spectacular. Maybe it’s just the material Bullock is forced to work with and it is better than the earlier issues but at this point it looks like Archie Comics was trying to find a replacement for Joe Edkin (thankfully) and this test just wasn’t as successful to me as the previous issue.


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