Why do we hate the prequels? Yeah, the dialog is a bit clunky but there was a time that Jar Jar Binks wasn’t the most hated thing in Star Wars until Rey showed up. When The Phantom Menace hit people were excited…until the Jar Jar hate and spitting on young Anakin to the point that the kid playing him rather violently lost his love for the franchise for a long time due his being bullied by his schoolmates changed everything. It seems the mainstream entertainment media likes to make our decisions for us, or thus is the theory by Bounding Into Comics contributor A.C. Graves makes, but could they be losing their hold with the advances of the internet? If the internet existed in 1999 the way it does today could the Jar Jar defenders have had a stronger voice? Should they even be trying to tell us what to think about a particular story? I’ve never tried to. I just tell you what I think.

I also recommend listening to the video in that article by the Critical Drinker. (Not the ad videos. Seriously, BIC, you’re overdoing it.) And maybe check out his videos on YouTube. He’s quite interesting and often quite funny as well.

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