“I keep telling you, you aren’t Spider-Man.”

Robotech: Clone #2

Academy Comics, Ltd (February, 1995)

“The Dialect Of Duality” part 3

WRITER: Rosearik Rikki

ARTIST: Tavisha Wolfgarth

We have names for our two intruders and they don’t like each other. The spider is Una Von Raye of the Gottruzello and the gaudy dressed lady (according to the soldiers that fail to snag her) is Monte Cerros Baux of the Monte Yarrow. Both are protoculture-based lifeforms of races who were once in a war. It was also Una who maneuvered the Mordecai to this planet as part of whatever scheme she has. Una and Baux’s fight is interrupted when security officers storm in. Una vanishes and Baux sends a mecha dragon to distract them while she follows to the ship’s museum. Meanwhile a shuttle brings our crew back from the planet and we learn the reason for Rueis’s breakdown, the death of his wife.

Pardon me for breaking format but things kind of blend together on this one. First off, credit to the creators for apologizing that things that had been in the solicits for this issue weren’t here because they didn’t have room. Trying to start a new series during their honeymoon and having to recreate some pages because the computer files were corrupted isn’t exactly making it easy for them and I can understand that.

However, I’m not sure about the extended backstory for protoculture here, being tied to an alternate universe of all protoculture, the beings made of protoculture…it just feels like a bit more than was necessary. We also meet a new character, Talios, who will become important later, and the aged-up clone asking what love is (being only about four months old) ends up coming off as forced but that could be a result of the issues they had putting this…issue together.

Overall I’m still having trouble getting into this series. It still doesn’t feel like Robotech and I’m not sure it’s the type of story I would have picked up without the name on it. I wouldn’t chase anyone away from this story but I do want to let you know what you’re in for.


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