Turns out that thing is frozen solid and the person who put up the sign was just paranoid.

Gallant And Amos #1

Fair Spark Books (2018; as posted to comiXology)

“The Valley Of The Snowmen” and “Follow The Leader”


The first story has the…knight? explorer?…Galliant and his dragon friend Amos entering a valley said to contain living snowmen who want to rule the world. However, the only snowman that comes to life is the one Amos made. The story is okay though the comedy really isn’t my style.

The second story is rather show, as our heroes are picked up by aliens. Unique take on why they want to be taken to their leader. The jokes didn’t make me laugh but some of them were better in this one.

For a lighthearted story this works okay. The comedy fell flat for me but everyone has their own tastes. I did like the art and adventure part of it, so points for that. And after yesterday’s “Yesterday’s” Comic I needed something light.


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