Well, if the Golden Age comics are going to be that long I’m better off having them on Saturday and the comiXology library on Friday. So that starts today.

“You’re going to catch a death of a cold under there.”

High Crimes #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2013, as posted to comiXology)

WRITER: Christopher Sebela

ARTIST: Ibrahim Moustafa

Zan Jensen and Haskell Price aren’t just guiding thrillseekers up Mount Everest, they’re recovering the bodies…for a fee. They find the bodies, rob them, and then remove the hand to get fingerprinted, then shake down the family to reclaim what Everest took from them. However, they may have stumbled upon the wrong body, and a shadow organization is prepared to get them back…with a commander who already killed his own man for questioning him so there’s a serious lack of good guys here.

What they got right: According to a commentary at the end of the comic the writer is fascinated with those who die trying to climb Everest and why they made a life-threatening attempt in the first place. From there came this story and as an introduction (though admittedly I don’t know how it ended up in my library because this isn’t in my wheelhouse) this does pretty well. It introduces you to Zan, the people she knows, and how she ended up in this “business”. We also see how Price operates. I also really like the artwork.

What they got wrong: The comic tries to explain through “show, not tell” what it is they’re doing but I still had to look up the Tumblr for this comic to fill in a few gaps.

What I think overall: While not a comic I would go to, it’s one I’d read if gifted. It’s not really my kind of story but it is a good start if it’s your kind of story.

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