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I made the following comment to the video:

I’ll add to this. For those of us in the US this is the first time New Who has been behind the paywall to see it at all. PBS, Sci-Fi, Disney Channel, and BBC America may each require cable–except for PBS if you had or have a TV antenna–but you didn’t pay extra since it comes with everything else on that tier. Also nobody’s talking about the fate of the Classic Who streaming channels on Pluto TV (owned by Paramount) and Freevee (owned by Amazon, the former IMDB TV) run by Britbox and what will happen to them. Already BBC America no longer has the show on cable’s on demand library so this may be next. So people like me who can’t afford Disney+ are out of luck.

(I didn’t note that none of the spin-off shows with the exception of Australia’s K9 never aired in the US to my knowledge. That would include the adult show Torchwood, the kids show The Sarah Jane Adventures (canceled when Elisabeth Sladen passed away) and other programs. I also have to wonder what happens to the animated recreations of lost episodes using recorded dialog. Where will those air now? If they’re also Disney+ exclusive I’ll never get to see those either. Back to the comment.)

Additionally I have my own issues with the Davies era. His “Christmas” specials took holiday iconography and turned it evil, an extension of his “make the mundane scary” approach combined with his dislike of Christmas (or at least Christians, as he’s stated in interviews). Then there’s the immature stuff like Tooth & Claw (the entire episode-Love & Monsters isn’t nearly as bad as this one) or the farting space nudists. Then there’s the “God Doctor” as I call 10 due to various stories that seem to elevate the Doctor to godhood rather than just being someone who traveled around helping people. Everything had to be —>EPIC!!!!!!<— now and it lost the charm of the original show for me. And let’s not forget the raw deal Donna got at the end of Davies’ previous run like every other Companion who wasn’t Rose Tyler. Maybe he’ll finally fix that mistake but I’m not so convinced.

So I have my own reasons to not be happy with the current events, in addition to everything you brought up in the video.


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