September 4, 1973 – November 19, 2022

I didn’t do a posting for this because after the Jimmy Fallon hoax I wanted to get proper confirmation. Well, we have part of it anyway. It’s been confirmed that Jason David Frank, who rose to fame as the multi-suited Power Ranger Tommy Oliver (having been in more versions of the team than anyone else) has died. What hasn’t been confirmed as I post this however is the cause of death, TMZ reporting it was suicide but I haven’t heard a definite on this.

He was the same age I am, but accomplished a lot more. Frank played Tommy in numerous incarnations of the Power Rangers franchise, starting with the mind controlled enemy turned ally and leader of the team in the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and almost had his own show if the original plans for what became VR Troopers had happened. Instead he returned as Tommy later that first season and continued in that role until the first half of Power Rangers Turbo, making the occasional cameo and taking on the mentor/Black Ranger role in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. HIs last role will be in the indie film Legend Of The White Dragon, a Power Rangers inspired movie-turned-miniseries featuring past Ranger actors in a new role. He also created his own martial arts style and was an MMA fighter.

My heart goes out to his family and friends who will surely miss him more than even fans will. He joins Thuy Trang, who died tragically in a car crash in 2001, around the same time as Frank’s brother in an unrelated incident I have no info on. At least he has someone waiting for him on the other side.

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