“I’ll be along as soon as I remember which ship is mine.”

Star Blazers: The Magazine Of Space Battleship Yamato #9

Argo Press (December, 1996)

“The Gathering Storm”

STORY: Bruce Lewis & Tim Eldred

SCRIPT: Bruce Lewis


LETTERER: Albert Deschesne

The resurrected Captain Avatar struggles to regain his lost memories. Meanwhile, the EDF breaks out a new automated defense force based on IQ-9, the IQ 9000s. Derek has been reduced to their coordinator and he isn’t the only one who has reservations. Captain Yamanami, Sandor, and other members of the Star Force are being regulated away from Earth in favor of the automated ships. However, the military Internal Security Minister appears to be part of a plot to seize control of Earth, while Desslok is alerted to a new threat from the Dark Nebulans, but is unable to warn Earth in time. What does this have to do with Starsha’s prediction of what will happen to Alex and Stasha, now part of the Star Force, that spells doom for them both?

What they got right: Of course all of this is set-up; it’s leading into another movie, Be Forever Yamato. This is appears to do very well, though I haven’t seen the movie to confirm much of anything.

What they got wrong: Unfortunately it doesn’t make for a very strong story on its own, kind of by necessity.

What I think overall: If you’re going to see the movie, have already seen the movie, or if we’re about to go into the adaptation, then this is a good addition to your collection. It may even be a fair introduction to the series at this point, a possible jumping on point going into Be Forever Yamato. 


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