What? The Marvel heroes not getting along? That’s never happened before, after, and every alternate Tuesday.

Avengers #93

Marvel Comics (November, 1971. as collected in the comiXology version of The Kree/Skrull War)

“This Beachhead Earth”

WRITER: Roy Thomas

ARTIST: Neal Adams

INKER: Tom Palmer


EDITOR: Stan Lee

The Vision enters Avengers Mansion in a terrible state. Ant-Man, who answered a call for the original Avengers to meet and decided to use his old suit (Wasp out sick), is able to repair him but having tendered his resignation leaves, forgetting there was another reason he was here. Iron Man tells Captain America, Thor, and the restored Vision about a resignation from Jarvis that let him know someone fakes the group’s disbanding. They hurry back to the farm “Carol” took Mar-Vell, where the others had been defeated by Skrulls disguised as the male members of the Fantastic Four. (These were the same Skrulls Reed Richards once hypnotized to become cows.) Battle is joined again but Mar-Vell soon recognizes the fake Carol, who turns out to be Super Skrull. With the battle going against the Skrulls, Super Skrull decides to save himself and take the fallen Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Mar-Vell captive. Goliath loses his powers and is unable to stop their escape.

What they got right: Fun little bits in Ant-Man’s mission including three ants called Crosby, Stills, and Nash (the old music group) and somehow Thomas snuck in a reference to both the old movie Metropolis and it’s DC namesake by also namedropping Clark Kent. There’s some good action and the Skrulls turn out to be a decent threat.

What they got wrong: Also, so much for the Skrull Cows having been eaten. Here we see they were actually restored. So unless Reed did it to them again, somebody didn’t do their homework years later. What gets me is how much of this story is dedicated to Ant-Man going through Vision’s self-defence system as Thomas decided to show off the technological versions of the human body’s defense mechanisms. It takes up so much time and even though Pym created the original Ultron (sorry, MCU fans, but that’s how the source material did it), you’d think Tony would be up to the task being a high-tech genius in his own right. Otherwise I think Thomas just wanted Ant-Man in this story, even coming with an obvious excuse for Hank to not be using the Yellowjacket costume. It’s not like this is an anniversary issue. I also don’t see the point in Mar-Vell making that Kree device unless it was part of proving “Carol” was another Skrull.

What I think overall: It took more words to go over the flaws so it may look like I didn’t enjoy the story. I did but I’m STILL waiting for Kree and Skrull to have that war this arc is named for.


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