While a certain vocal portion of the internet keeps trying to convince me that…a certain R-rated action movie is a Christmas film under the false belief that they can’t watch it at Christmas unless they get it declared such (if you don’t like heartwarming movies, fine…watch what you want but stop trying to convince me it isn’t just a movie set at Christmas, I don’t care how you have to stretch minor points to prove your case IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!!!) I have strong criteria as to what makes a Christmas movie versus a movie set at Christmas…which cancels so much of Hallmark Channel’s current library of “romance movies with the same two or three plots, just set at Christmas and involving vaguely Christmas things” TV movies. The Christmas Special playlist on my YouTube channel and embedded here every December was created for that purpose. There’s still a wide enough range…just not as much blood and dead bodies.

Miracle On 34th Street is most definitely a Christmas movie, and one that’s on my list of great Christmas movies. You all know it by now. A department store Santa Claus has to prove he’s the real deal in court. It’s a Christmas classic for a reason, and YouTube is an embeddable host who has it on their website legally and free with ads. However, as of this writing they don’t like other websites embedding it. I don’t know why; you’d think they still get the ad revenue. Lucky the embed below (which I’ll keep up in case they change their minds) has a built-in link to the movie so hopefully you can still watch it in your area. Yes, I’m going with the original 1947 movie instead of the 1997 movie I haven’t seen yet or the TV movie adaptations that frankly are not as good. Enjoy!

I wonder how long this will even be up. I didn’t realize…this is a 20th Century Fox movie, which means it’s now owned by modern Disney. Can’t way to see how they screw up this timeless classic so enjoy it while you can.


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