This must be a Smurf Christmas special that I missed when I aged out of The Smurfs. Yes, there was a time I did that. By this point a bunch of new characters had shown up. The Smurflings (kid Smurfs, which raises a ton of new questions about where Smurfs come from), Grandpa Smurf, Wild Smurf (basically if a Smurf grew up in the wild), and we’ve seen Baby Smurf in previous Smurf Christmas specials I’ve posted over the years. (Need to make sure those are on the playlist.) Sadly, Johan and Peewit never get to be in these specials despite Hanna-Barbera having added them to the show by now and the characters’ own comic being where the Smurfs were introduced, originally as a one-time appearance but being popular enough that Peyo was encouraged to give them their own series.

Tis The Season To Be Smurfy was just uploaded this year so now I get to share it with you guys…and see it for the first time myself. Grandpa, Sassette, and Wild decide to bring Christmas to an old couple struggling during the season. Can they and the other Smurfs give them a Merry Christmas? Maybe if they can convince the Smurfs first. And maybe they can deal with a nasty pickpocket and a grumpy rich man along the way. Covering all our bases, are we, Smurfs?


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