This seems to be the year for Christmas-saving stories. I guess it’s all the studios using YouTube to host shows officially now for a little extra ad revenue. Makes me miss when Hulu used to do that.

The sequels to Men In Black may have taken more and more a dip in quality (I haven’t seen International yet but I hear mixed reviews) but the animated series that ignores the ending to keep J and K together (I still say the sequel should have followed J and L on new adventures) was a great use of the characters. Following the movie rather than the original comics, J and K continue their adventures to protect the world from invading aliens while allowing decent aliens to hide among us, though in this special Santa Claus is human and the elves are aliens. Then another group of aliens kidnaps Santa and his toys, forcing our favorite agents to work with one of the space elves to save Christmas…and maybe help J figure out what to get K for Christmas.

Yep, this is made by the same company that would later make Jackie Chan Adventures, our other Santa-rescuing story. Guess they liked saving Santa Claus. Surprise Godzilla and Batman didn’t get to do that. Imagine 90’s US Godzilla in a Santa hat, while Santa exists in the DC multiverse, so why not The Batman?


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