Tonight’s video is a long one, but don’t worry. One way or another I’ve got your back with alternatives.

I’ve talked about my first three comics (including a certain Batman comic you’re possibly sick of me talking about but I only do so to make a point about the current state of Batman) but what actually got me collecting comics was Marvel’s The Transformers. I first learned of the comic at a local drug store with issue #5 but it wasn’t until issue #6 that I started collecting them and #17 when I did the old fashioned subscribe by mail that they don’t do anymore. I’ve reviewed all the Marvel Transformers comics, including the stories by Simon Furman that made me lose interest in the series. He is just not my style of writer.

So for tonight’s showcase I have a retrospective of the Marvel US run and the IDW “Regeneration One” series that supposedly continued that continuity, where the world went further down the dumpster. For a quick overview I have Chris McFeely’s The Basics, which is a quick overview of the continuity in both the US and the UK. The heavy showcase comes from Linkara and Atop The Fourth Wall with an deeper examination of the stories by Bob Budiansky, Simon Furman, and that one filler story by Len Kaminski that turned me into a Bumblebee fan, though I don’t remember him covering that one, focusing on the main stories so not even really diving into the the G.I. Joe crossover. You can find reviews of those here as well.

If you don’t have time to sit through the whole thing Linkara made two posts on his site that collected the shorter videos that formed a two-part episode. [PART 1| PART 2] What I have here is the collected full examination of the entire Marvel run, featuring Generation Two and Regeneration One, but not the convention comics that also had an alternate version of the Marvel continuity past issue #80. So you can either get a primer, see the episodes in easier to watch in multiple sitting parts, or the full three-hour plus deep dive. Choose your preference and enjoy!


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