That must have been some party last night.

Runners: Bad Goods #2

Serve Man Press (September, 2003)


You can read the color version on the Runners’ website. My old print copy is in black and white.

Against Ril’s advice the runners take the unconscious girl with them. Roka does take his advice to bring the other ship in as spare parts under salvage since they’re they same model ship. They go to an abandoned space mine to store it and run across Grissom, a former teammate of Roka and Ril’s until their last run together went sour. They leave the damaged ship with her but she lets them know there’s a bounty on them now. Roka wants to complete the assignment but Bocce isn’t too thrilled that the girl means they were trafficking people. Meanwhile, Hamron decides to get his revenge but our protagonists run into a bunch of bounty hunters just after the blue-skinned girl wakes up with amnesia.

What they got right: This isn’t just a story on its own. Wang is setting up his universe and the longer storyline. This issue gives us a good idea what life is like for the space smugglers known as “runners”. However, it is done without halting the story for long, and we get character development for Roka, who may not necessarily be happy with himself and some of the things he’s done.

What they got wrong: The cover art is just the last panel of the previous issue. That’s really all I can find.

What I think overall: There’s a reason this is my favorite webcomic and it shows through in this issue, only the second one out. Cember’s my favorite but I really connect with Bocce as the “conscience” of the group and I did notice the Star Wars reference in his name. I can’t push this series enough frankly.


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