“At least I don’t have to be painted green this time.”

Lou Ferrigno: Liberator #0

Bluewater Productions (November, 2013; as posted to comiXology–for now; see tonight’s feature article)

WRITERS: Jim Cirile & Aaron Pope

ARTIST: Gerry Kissel

COLORIST: Jesse D’Angelo

LETTERER: Chris McCarver

LAYOUT: David Faught

I said I wasn’t going to do previews anymore but this was for a movie I didn’t know existed, though two issues of a comic were also produced as tie-in (possibly adaptation). All we know is that some hero called Liberator gives his early life story but begins to question some of the actions he did for the government, like assassinations and kidnappings of certain foreign bad guys. After that we get a bunch of screenshots and production stills of the various heroes in the movie Liberator.

It seems like an interesting concept and they’ve got a heck of a cast. In addition to Ferrigno (I thought this was another one of their comics where a famous actor starts living his or her movie roles like they did with Adam West, Eartha Kitt, and Dirk Benedict) you have Peta Wilson, Michael Dorn, and Ed Asner. Some of the costumes, despite what I’m sure is a low budget, look okay, though this is another one of those movies that doesn’t like bright colors except for one character, a dude I don’t know the name of off-hand.

If I have any interest in this movie, all this comic did was tell me it exists. As for the comic itself I’d have to see if I like the movie. The whole shadow government conspiracy thing is not usually in my interests but just for who’s in it I’m really curious to check the film out. I’ll have to look for it sometime.


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