Last night I mentioned the show Adam-12, a cop show about a training officer and his rookie partner in the Los Angeles Police Department. The show was part of a barely shared universe. Young officer Reed technically first appeared in an episode of Dragnet and the two ended up officially as their characters in another episode to promote the show. (Kent McCord, who played training officer Jim Reed, also played another character on that show.) Adam-12 also had a crossover with The DA and to promote Emergency the paramedic firefighters of that show cameoed at the hospital the two officers were in but they didn’t interact.

In 1989 McCord co-produced and co-wrote Nashville Beat, reuniting him with co-star Martin Milner as former partners in the LAPD, but not their Adam-12 characters. Instead, widowed LAPD officer Mike Delaney (McCord) goes to visit his old partner Brian O’Neil (Milner) in his new beat in Nashville. A drug-dealing gangbanger from LA has decided to set up a shop in Nashville and Delaney heads there to help put a stop to it. The TV movie aired on The Nashville Network, the former identity of what is now Paramount Network after it’s prior rebrands The National Network and Spike TV. I hadn’t heard of it until a few years ago and tonight we’re going to watch it…well, if you hit play and the embed is still available when you read this anyway Enjoy.


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