I actually approve of this sci-fi remake of Let’s Be Cops. And I didn’t see the original.

Runners: Bad Goods #5


Serve Man Press (April, 2005–read the color version here)


Bocce and Sky escape the authorities, and after a chase in the air (or the giant space city version) and ground our crew reunites and manages to escape both the cops and the pirates. Not wanting to believe the tanks have people Roka opts not to tell their employer about Sky, but they do indeed contain women also in Sky’s original form. He believes the tanks were ruptures, but one of them was by the other ship’s captain to protect the information to make more women like Sky. But that mystery will have to wait until a later story.

What they got right: While this first miniseries was meant to set up the Runners universe it does so with a good story that strives to be it’s own work and not just set-up. It makes you excited for more but had this been the only story (thankfully it isn’t) it would have still been a satisfying story on its own.

What they got wrong: This comic definitely looks better in color, but I still can’t figure out what Bocce’s left arm is made of, energy, hard light construct, or some kind of goop.

What I think overall: Well, it’s my favorite webcomic and I’m glad I grabbed all five issues at that ConnectiCon to learn of it. I also have a review of the second volume, released in graphic novel form. The web version is currently on chapter three. I very much recommend it for sci-fi fans or just people who want a fun story about smugglers with a conscience.


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