NOTATION: a little bit of swearing

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I actually have a few extra thoughts on the “superfamily” idea that I think would make a good article on it’s own. See you tonight.


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  1. […] This morning (depending on when you’re reading this) we looked at CBR’s list of terrible modern comic trends, as reviewed by Just Some Guy. As he noted this goes all the way back to the Golden Age. The most long-running example is the “Marvel Family”, back before there was a Marvel Comics to take advantage of legal shenanigans by others and deny Billy Batson his proper superhero name because “we’re Marvel Comics so WE should have a character named Captain Marvel” despite none of them ever catching on. Yes, that includes Carol Danvers taking on yet another superhero name to block DC. They weren’t alone, though. Bulletman had Bulletgirl and I think even a dog at some point. Hawkman and Hawkgirl fall into this despite being from the same planet depending on what origin we’re going with that particular Wednesday. Even cartoons got into this, with Hanna-Barbera’s Birdman eventually being joined by a Birdgirl and Birdboy. Not all of these teams share costume designs but they do share a theme. […]


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