I know a toy reviewer who has the same response to translucent plastic.

Captain America #2

Marvel Comics (February, 2005, as featured in the comiXology version of Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection trade)

“Out Of Time” part 2 (credits from the Grand Comics Database)

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

ARTISTS: Steve Epting & Michael Lark

COLORIST: Frank G. D’Armata

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Andy Schidt, Nicole Wiley, and Molly Lazer

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Steve is awakened from a nightmare to see he’s being called into SHIELD. At the time the Red Skull was using a clone of Steve’s body as his “ride” and they need him for a DNA match. After examining the crime scene and finding the mask Red Skull wore while spying on Steve, Captain America and Sharon use other evidence at the crime scene to track down Skull’s henchmen from Advanced Ideas In Destruction (the interesting acronym of AID), a splinter group of Advance Idea Mechanics (AIM) working for the Skull. Cap and Sharon manage to stop their machine from being set off, but learns that the machine left in Skull’s apartment once held a Cosmic Cube. Skull’s agent, Crossbones, slips by unnoticed by the heroes and tells one of the other underlings in France about Skull’s death, overheard from Cap and Sharon’s conversation, and wants to make something burn in Red Skull’s memory.

What they got right: The nightmare shows how Steve’s life is now, with superhumans added to a battle that never happened and Bucky being shot in the chest, which isn’t how or where he died. There’s some good exploration of the world Steve came from and exists in now. The plot still moves forward, knowing what should be the main story and what should be the subplot.

What they got wrong: This one is more personal than critical so your view may be different but when the black and white flashbacks and dream sequences feel more bright and colorful than the present day stuff you kind of lose me, especially with a character wearing the colors of the country he serves like Captain America. You can make the case that it helps with the atmosphere and fine; I did say this was a personal complaint, but it just doesn’t work for me. I also only know that agent was called Crossbones from the Grand Comics Database entry I was using for research since I’m using a digital trade I think was a freebie at one point. I may have seen him before in something but I don’t remember him being a loyal Red Skull agent and calling a terror group AID seems odd.

What I think overall: So far I’m enjoying the storyline but it’s a bit more serious than I usually get into.


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