As the longest run of Transformers comics, featuring multiple “phases” of they main story, and even a “2.0” reboot, the IDW Transformers comics run is going to be too hard for me to summarize, and that’s not even getting into the tie-ins and Hearts Of Steel. I’m doing this series as an “easy post” as I go through a major decluttering project that keeps kicking my skid plate as I go through it, so my easy post needs an easy post. So I want us all up to speed before I go over what I like and don’t like about their run. SPOILER: mostly the latter, and I’ll get into that over the next post or two.

In order to get us all on the same page when it comes to my reviews, because as it is I’ve unintentionally written the reviews in a way that reading the comics or seeing my reviewers are almost a requirement–and I apologize for that–I’m tapping into a series of videos from Chris McFeely’s Transformers: The Basics YouTube series to summarize the important details that will be brought up in my discussion. Some of them predate the reboot while others are only focused on what happened in the main books at the time. This is a basics of Basics on IDW’s Transformers run.

Let’s start with an overview of the “1.0” version, which McFeely breaks down into two main phases.

I’ll get more into in my proper reviews, but I am not one of the people who enjoyed phase 2. In fact phase 2 is where I jumped off, though I did give Windblade’s solo a try because I really like Mairghread Scott’s Transformers stories. It’s not that phase 2 was bad, and I had plenty of issues with phase 1. It’s just not what I was looking for in a Transformers series. Just because it’s good doesn’t mean I immediately have to like it.

You can see some of what I mean when he discusses the Robots In Disguise series. Somehow, ending the war led to something that I wasn’t into.

I am long past being over with deconstruction, didn’t come to Transformers for politics, and just overall wasn’t interested in what was going on with this era of Transformers. I left the IDW version before Optimus returned and was heavily altered, but I’ll get into that in the reviews proper. I’m still trying to decide between two formats, and a got right/got wrong format, with an article for each seems to be the way to go.

I’ll tell you right now what I absolutely hated though, and you can see it in my reviews of More Than Meets The Eye, which sadly McFeely doesn’t have a video up for as of this writing: the Decepticon Justice Division. Let him introduce you…but don’t watch this before going to bed or while eating.

If you know me or read my reviews you already know why I hate these guys, or at least have some idea. However, we’ll get into that in the finale of the overview reviews of the various Transformers comics.


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