“What, no in-flight movie?”

Sonic Quest: The Death Egg Saga #1


WRITER: Mike Gallagher

PENCILER: Manny Galan

INKER: Jay Oliveras

COLORIST: Kyle Hunter

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: J. Freddy Gabrie

Geoffrey is brought in to protect the crystalizing King, who Tails notes resembles a Chaos Emerald. Sonic’s One Millionth Magic Ring start to help but they need an unused ring, so Sonic and Tails head for the grotto while Bunnie and Antoine try a different potential location for the rings. Sonic goes to a flying ally for help only to learn he’s been roboticized, making it easier to defeat Sonic while Tails is captured by a suction tube from the sky that sucks up the Rings. It’s all from Robotnik’s new flying fortress, the Death Egg, which he plans to use to roboticize all of Mobius!

What they got right: This is set-up for the miniseries but it does set up events if you haven’t followed the main series as well as getting ready for what’s coming.

What they got wrong: As a result not much happens until near the end and this time the argument between Sonic and Geoffrey feels kind of forced. Why would Sally not tell him he’s coming when Sonic is supposed to be the lookout? Especially since she knows they don’t get along.

What I think overall: It’s an okay start but not much else. While in a way it’s by necessity to get everyone up to speed if you’ve followed the series to this point it’s mostly just stuff we already know, so it mostly benefits those who are new to Archie’s Sonic universe.


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