“Okay, who overinflated my beach ball?”

Sonic Quest: The Death Egg Saga #2

Archie Comics Publications, Inc (January, 1997)


WRITER: Mike Gallagher

PENCILER: Manny Galan

INKERS: Jim Amash & Jay Oliveras

COLORIST: Kyle Hunter

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: J. Freddy Gabrie

Sonic and Tails both make their way into the Death Egg, but lose communications with base as well as each other. Tails does find a damaged robot he can operate inside like a puppet to spy on Robotnik, though Sonic isn’t aware of Tails’ disguise. Between worrying about her father and now Sonic and Tails the strain is beginning to have an impact on Sally. Robotnik only needs a Chaos Emerald to get his machine going and targets the Floating Island, tracking both the usual Emerald and the recently acquired back-up. The Chaotix battle the Burrowbots to protect the Island so Robotnix uses the Death Egg to force it into the water below.

What they got right: One narration gag and the titles aside, Gallagher knows not to shove in his usual humor to not risk the tension, though still keeping the mood from getting too dark. It balances well and I wish he wrote like this more often. (Though obviously that wouldn’t work in straight-up comedic stories.)

What they got wrong: The one narration gag breaking the fourth wall is really all I have but it’s so minor it feels like a nitpick.

What I think overall: Part 2 actually serves the three issue story well. Hopefully it ends on a high note as well.


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