At least that’s what ComiXology calls it. It’s a ten page promo comic.

“I’d ask if you have a ticket, but I don’t even have one.”

Overwatch: McRee (or #1)

Dark Horse Comics (December, 2017)

I can’t get the site to allow me to read the credits and the internet gave me jack in straight answers. Dark Horse’s site gave me the writer, Robert Brooks, and the artist, Bengal, and that’s about all the information I could get despite all the other blurry credits I see on the credits page. Yes, I am rather upset because I didn’t get much sleep last night and this is not helping my mood! Get your act together, internet!

Anyway, the story. McRee, or Cole…I can’t even get that information right but the comic says McRee and that’s what I’m going with…is riding on the outside of the train rather than inside because he can’t afford the ticket. I’m not strong in Overwatch lore but I believe this was a time when the group was disbanded for whatever reason the games and tie-in media has. When he see a group of thieves attack the train with one of his strategies and knowing the group involved won’t protect innocent lives, McCree goes in himself, taking down all the villains. However, backup is coming so to protect the passengers he tosses what they were after off of the train because he really doesn’t care to be a hero. The passengers are happy to help him get away because he’s a wanted fugitive.

The story itself is fine, watching McRee take down the various goons while protecting the passengers and how greatful the passengers are for his rescuing them. The art is quite good and I hope I have the artist’s name right. One thing we aren’t told is why McCree is wanted in the first place. We see him in action, probably learn something about his character (I haven’t played the games), but not much else.

I did enjoy it but this doesn’t do much to tell me about the story of the games.


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