“I thought you had the map!”

Sonic The Hedgehog #42

Archie Comic Publications (January, 1997)

WRITER: Kent Taylor

ARTIST: Art Mawhinney

COLORIST: Barry Grossman

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: J. Freddy Gabrie

“In Every Kingdom There Must Exist A Little Chaos!”

INKER: Phil Sheehy

“Knuckles Quest” part 1

CO-WRITER: Ken Penders

CO-ARTIST: Brian Thomas

In the main story Sonic “asks” Knuckles to let them use the spare Chaos Emerald in the hopes of restoring the king. Worried about his people, Knuckles refuses. The next hope comes from the Crown Of Acorns, a magic artifact that may restore its wearer. To find out where the Crown may be Sonic and crew head to the grotto in hopes of using one of the Rings to give Sonic a bit of premonition, only to be betrayed by Sleuth Doggie Dog and the now-roboticized Fly-Fly Freddie. Knuckles arrives to help stop the villain and the Ring points to a sword that may lead them to the Crown. Knuckles agrees to take up a quest to find the sword.

The story is okay, but it’s mostly setting up future events while showing the Chaos Emerald (Knuckles agrees to let them borrow the spare) only makes things worse, thus the Crown is now the only remaining hope to decrystallize the king. We do get a decent fight but it’s a shame to see another Freedom Fighter roboticized and worse to see one turn traitor, even if neither are in the main cast.

The second story just has Tails taking Knuckles to Downunda. (I guess they don’t mind that he got the Sea Fox going against Sally’s wishes.) The hope is that Athair and the Ancient Walkers, at the place where the Floating Island comes from, can help find the sword. The Walkers do give your typical oracle riddle and we learn that Knuckles isn’t fond of his ancestor. The story continues in the Sonic Live special. That’s really all there is to the story. It’s important to the current arc, and I’m guessing Penders was there because creating Knuckles lore in the Archie comics was his baby–and would come back to haunt Archie Comics later on.

Overall it’s mostly setting up the next part of the story arc for Knuckles and for trying to restore the King. It’s not very exciting even with the one fight but it is important to follow upcoming events.


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