Cover rabbit is judging you.

Tron 2.0 #3

SLG Publishing (January, 2007)

WRITERS: Landry Walker & Eric Jones

ARTIST: Michael Shoyket (with Guru-eFX)

LETTERER/SFX: Eleanor Lawson

EDITOR: Dan Vado

Jet has a memory of his dad sending him into the system to protect the programs from the MCP. Then the rabbit, who Jet names Clarence (probably an It’s A Wonderful Life reference) tries to warn him away, saying that Mercury is rewriting his program with all the subroutines, one of which “improves his vision” (read change in art style). Clarence even interrupts a would-be tender moment between Jet and Mercury but Jet is still convinced there’s a war on that he’s there to fight. Now the program soldiers realize he’s a user, they need him to stop the MCP, who apparently doesn’t have an army at the moment.

The art is clearer than in previous issues. It’s still painted style but an improvement. There is also a change in style for Clarence the bunny and his little fantasy world, which may or may not be in Jet’s head. I seem to have a better idea of what’s happening since it’s a question of Jet’s memories being faked or real and I think I’m following this better than in my initial readthrough when it first came out by realizing Jet is confused as well. I did look up my old Tron: Legacy review to remind myself but Alan being dead would be the only thing that messes with the story but we don’t know for sure whose side the rabbit is on and what’s actually happening. It would be nice if Clarence explained more but it’s not like Jet is listening.

So going by memory the second readthrough is easier to follow so far because we’re supposed to be as confused as Jet, but we have three issues to become just as confusing as I remember it being. We’ll see what happens over the next few Fridays (barring incident).


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