“Stop hogging the…hog, Steve! It’s Hulk’s turn!”

Harley Davidson Avengers #1

Marvel Worldwide (March, 2012)

“Heroes Arise”

WRITER: Jeff Parker

PENCILER: Manuel Garcia

INKERS: Jay Liesten, Don Ho, Rebecca Buchman, & Dave Meikis

COLORIST: Jay David Ramos

LETTERER: Joe Carmagna


EDITOR: Bill Roseman

Clint Barton, Hawkeye, has been captured by Baron Zemo and some new…friends. The other Avengers (ROLL CALL: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America) track him down only to be attacked by Zemo’s current incarnation of the Masters of Evil (ROLL CALL: Whiplash, Tiger Shark, Mr. Hyde, and Taskmaster). When the Avengers manage to hold their ground until Zemo brings out more pals, invaders from the Negative Zone. However, the company Zemo stole the portal equipment from, Starforce, has sent in back-up on motorcycles–the Road Force!

What they got right: A good introduction to each Avenger. Even the captured Hawkeye shows how tough he is against Zemo’s interrogation method.

What they got wrong: Not a very good introduction to the Negative Zone villains and only Taskmaster really gets to show off in the story. As for the Road Force, where I assume the Harley Davidson connection is, we don’t even get a good look at them. I guess we’ll see more in issue #2 but thanks to Amazon’s screwing up ComiXology when they took over I’ll probably never know. Even the Grand Comics Database doesn’t seem to be aware this comic exists, nevermind that it’s two issues.

What I think overall: Not a very good Harley Davidson promotion outside of Cap and Widow’s rides but a good start to the story.


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