“For the last time I’m NOT MODOK!”

Tron #4

SLG Publishing (July, 2007)

WRITERS: Landry Walker & Eric Jones

ARTIST: Michael Shoyket & Guru-eFX

LETTERER: Eleanor Lawson

EDITOR: Dan Vado

Here’s the issue I end going “What?”. I knew it was there somewhere. Clarence brings some of his cartoon friends in but only Jet can see them, and they don’t do anything besides be there. Jet uses his user powers to sneak a fake supply…ship? Vessel? It’s hard to tell what things are called sometimes in Tron World. Anyway, he gets Mercury’s forces in and she sends him to go after the MCP with the Legacy program. Clarence tries to forcibly stop him, while again not even trying to explain anything and just telling him he’ll die if he goes through with this, but Jet manages to fight him off and throw the disk at the MCP. However, it bounces off an invisible wall and then Jet is confronted by another Jet in MCP controlled program colors, who proceeds to beat the daylights out of blue Jet.

Yes, I know the mystery is important but four issues in and we have more questions instead of less as to what’s going on. Mercury goes fuzzy again, so is she a plant? Was there an end goal? How is the MCP back or is he really back since I don’t see it going “please” twice when trying to tell Jet it’s not allowing this. It’s like demanding, pleading, and threatening in the space of three sentences, and then when the Disk hits the invisible wall in a callback to how Tron originally defeated the MCP (and how does Jet know about that part) it responds “Hey, big boy, was it good for you too?”. This can’t be the MCP but what is it?

We’ve got two issues to go and somebody better explain something fast. I don’t know if this was intended to be a miniseries or if Walker and Jones were surprised by it getting canceled (derezzed?) but I’m getting a major syntax error here.


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