He had to learn somewhere, right?

This is the comic that started a meme on the internet, that Batman can breathe in space. Recently I was thinking about the old Hanna-Barbera superheroes, and how the space-faring ones (Space Ghost and the Galaxy Trio come to immediate mind) had no trouble breathing even though they were flying around in outer space. I always assumed–and this is true of “Limbo Galaxy” in Silverhawks–that these particular areas of space somehow maintained a breathable atmosphere. On the other hand, if Batman were to learn how to breathe in space (in case the toy company screwed up), Space Ghost would be a good tutor. They actually teamed up in an episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold/

(Naturally, that’s my favorite team-up ever, and if they ever try to bring back the classic superhero instead of the silly talk-show host, the B:TB&TB team are the best ones to do it.)

No really big art comments on this one except that I don’t have the right picture tubes since the re-install and had to put the stars in myself during the coloring stage.

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