None from me, either.

At least in the caption. Clark quitting the Daily Planet to become a blogger was something happening in the comics around this time. It’s was a dumb idea. The first panel is the infamous scene from a story in the back of pre-52 Action Comics where Superman renounced his US citizenship because he didn’t want anything he said against, in that case, Iran used against America. How little he understand the Iranian leadership.

Artwise, I’m proud of the third panel. Luthor’s jets I did all by myself, rather than using textures or a picture tube. You can’t tell from this distance but he’s holding a piece of Kryptonite which I tried to make glow–like the “red sun beam” Luthor’s firing from his left gauntlet–but didn’t get as well as I would have liked. Not that it matters as it turns out.

This was also the first strip I did on a drawing board rather than the usual desktop and I think it came out at least a little bit better than usual. Surface matters as much as paper, I guess.

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