It seems like every adaptation/update of Wells’ story is afraid to update the alien machines save George Pal’s.

This is something I can’t figure out. There are so many updates of classic material and stories where they change, adapt, or “update” so much for modern audiences but the last few War of The Worlds adaptations, whether in theater, home video, comics, or fan projects, have stuck with Wells’ giant tripods. Has nobody thought about how easy it would be to trip those things up?

This was kind of like visiting an old friend. In high school I did these gag comics called War of The Fools, where three aliens kept trying to prove they weren’t all bad by disintegrating really annoying people. I even did one where you see inside the ships trying to give my trio personalities. Looking back now they were kind of lame but I really liked drawing the ships from Pal’s movie.

As for the tripod up there, it’s kind of an original design based on different versions I saw online, some fanart and some from different movies. Of course, mine are colorful because..well, because I’m me, mostly.

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