So what DID the Galactabeasts eat while traveling on a space station?

Actually, there are a lot of jokes when it comes to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The outfits resembling Charlie Brown’s has been done by the internet. There’s the fact that nobody seems to know these giant monsters are on the station, or that it isn’t clear if anyone knows who the Galaxy Rangers are or not. After months of mulling over which joke I wanted to do, I figured this was the best one to tackle the “Zords as living beings” angle.

This pops up a few times in Rangers fiction and even more often in the original Japanese Sentai, where the mecha can even be gods, just showing how weak the concept of a god is in Japanese fiction, since they’re often controlled by humans in Sentai. Actually, that kind of explains the Seatopians in Godzilla Vs. Megalon, doesn’t it?

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