They could always make money as an “upside down house” attraction.

At some point this week I heard a lot about flipping tables and ads for a “flip this house” seminar. Sort of brought everything together.

As far as I can recall, this is the first time I’ve ever drawn the Hulk. Not just in this comic, I mean period. Unless there’s some doodle somewhere I don’t remember. My style really didn’t make Hulk as broad and muscular as he’s usually depicted. Pretend he’s Lou Ferigno in my style. And by now you should be used to Spidey’s running gag.

I also played a bit with the sizing…somewhat unintentionally. When I reoriented the page for the theme I’ve been using the panels ended up too tall. I noticed while marking the borders for this strip that I accidentally put the line lower than usual, but rather than fix it I decided to go with it.

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