Oh, how I could go on.

This notion at DC (and among the Spider-Writers at Marvel) that nobody should have a personal life undermines the whole point of secret identities, which is to protect the people you care about and to have a personal life that isn’t solely around your superhero activities. That’s why soldiers, police officers, and firefighters don’t walk around in their work clothes unless they just got off work or it’s a special occasion. (Besides, try walking around the grocery story in your fireman gear.) Superheroes face a larger threat that soldiers or sometimes just larger than cops can handle. Those personal lives are what make the characters relatable to us, which we keep getting told is what they want. I’m not sure they KNOW what they (DC editorial) want.

And I totally cheated with the soldier’s uniform by finding a pattern online and using that, but I’m sure you could tell. Originally I planned on having representatives of as many of the groups as Jake and Leon are talking about, but time and space was a factor. So I took the one who makes the largest sacrifice, which in this case is as much the soldier’s family as the solider himself. I also hope I drew the wife as pregnant. Trying to get the Superman logo on the son’s shirt was admittedly blatant on my part.

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