based on a true Bum sketch

Interesting story to this. I had considered doing a “Channel Awesome” fancomic and posting it in the blog section of That Guy With The I figured it would drum up interest in my future comic-making goals, maybe get me a few readers, and it would be fun. Who know, maybe I become Channel Awesome’s official comic maker or something. However, I’ve decided that I’d rather focus on my own characters, at least for the time being.

Still, I had this comic in my head after a skit where Chester A. Bum decides to sue Fox for stealing one of his jokes in a Bum Review. What was he suing for? A furnished box. (This sent his lawyer away. Unlike most of the homeless in this country, Chester loves his life as a bum. He’s also rather high on a regular basis.) So if I’m not going to do the Channel Awesome comic, I figured the 2-Year anniversary is as good a place as any to use this joke.

On the art side, note that I made Chester’s skin color lighter than Jake’s and Leon’s. My thought here is that he spends most of his time either in an alleyway or in the movie theater (popcorn being probably Chester’s only food supply), so he would probably be paler than the other characters.

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