So does that mean the girls have pockets in their dresses?

Isn’t it something you always wondered about the original Power Rangers? Sometimes, for a plot device, they’d have their morphers in their workout bag or something, but usually, where did they pull them out from? Later morphers were seen on the Ranger’s wrist, disguised as cell phones or (I kid you not) sunglasses, or would just appear when summoned (the Zeo Morphers), but where did the original Power Morphers come from when the Ranger would put his or her arms behind their backs?

For the art-minded, Jake’s perspective panels didn’t come out quite so dark this time around. I screwed up somewhere in the process, but was able to get Jake & Leon the way I wanted them. I took the design of the morphing sequence from the Hamilton Comics version, where they didn’t show the morpher around the character, just using the colored lightning effects. I achieved that putting the background on a different layer and using Paint Shop Pro’s lightning picture tube with an overlay at reduced opacity to get them the color I wanted. Except for Zack’s because I thought the regular lighting colors worked much better than trying to get the black to show up against the black background. Being a darker color it didn’t come out quite as well as the other colors.

The characters themselves were done with coloring pencil, as usual part of the indicator that Jake, a comic writer/artist for most of the skits, was the one conveying the events of the other three panels.

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