On top of 50 billion other things the Rangers do with their spare time.

Another Ranger parody post, and I think in Adam’s case its my closest representation of the actors yet. Billy is wearing a shirt similar to the one in the picture I used to get the character design right. I really like how the colors came out on the Zeo suits. I know I usually do the art bit AFTER the comment on the gag, but I’m really pleased with how this came out.

The regular Zeo Zords remain my least favorite of the Zords. The cockpit for the Mega Zord is too small, the helmet gimmick is hit or miss and is rarely used in the show, and then there’s the problem Tanya/Yellow Zeo Ranger (aka Zeo Ranger 2) brings up, where the towers don’t move on their own and have to be pulled along by the bull and lion Zords. This worked for the story of the original Sentai, but I never liked them as “upgraded” Zords.

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