I don’t usually do two posts in a night, but I just found this in the backlog of RSS Feeds, so I had to post it now.

Comic Book Resource’s “Lying in the Gutters” column, #194, for those trying to complete their collection, has just released a version of the first page of the often celebrated (on this blog if nowhere else) Doctor Who: The Forgotten‘s final issue. Page one, if you were smart enough to read it, features the Doctor and Not The Doctor arguing. On the next page, the Doctor says something to the tune of “can’t you come up with something better than the Valeyard”? Well, here’s why.

Apparently the dialog from that page was missing after all. (And here I thought it was just a dramatic splash page.) So the biggest thank you to Rich Johnston, and hopefully IDW fixes this in the trade. This makes the second mess up I’ve noticed from IDW. (The other being that issue of Dreamland Chronicles where a double page shot of Ashendal weren’t facing each other as the art demanded.) I hope this isn’t the shape of things to come. Everyone makes mistakes, however.

[UPDATE: 2/26/2021] With both the article and the IDW forum post now gone I thought I’d go ahead and post the lost page here. Turns out I saved a copy. So here’s the missing dialog from page 1.

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