The trailer is out for the next Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen.

Looks interesting, but that depends on which Transfan you ask. Some fans don’t like the radical departure in design, even those who understand why they did it. Some..I’m not sure what they’re looking for, actually. The first movie was the set-up of a trilogy, and while there were a few scenes and one plot idea (the “outside” hacker, for example) that could have been dropped in favor of giving the characters a bit more “screen time”, including the Autobots, the approach was using the humans to draw the audience into the universe being created.

Granted, those of us who have kept themselves in the Transformers Multiverse all this time feel the changes more than the casual fans who may have drifted away when they got older. The people behind the movie are trying to get a wide range of audience, not just the rabbid fanbase that have been following the various TF series since the original. I don’t have a problem with that. I worry about the “everything for meeeeeee” fanbases, and some of them are getting the more violent, older-target TF they wanted. Violent enough that I’m of the impression that the toy’s target age group got left behind, which is a shame.

Weighing all factor, I enjoyed the first one enough to see it twice, and own the DVD. I like the IDW comic stories set in the Movieverse. (When they get shipped!) If fans are honest with themselves, Transformers has always been a multiverse, and who is to say which “G1” universe we should go with? There’s never been one “set in stone” universe, like Star Trek. The toys came first, the cartoons and comics (which were never set in the same universe) came afterwards, and that’s how it was approached.

Which one to choose? The one where Shockwave is Megatron’s loyal lapdog who waited four million years (a long time, even by Cybertron standards, I would think) for his Master to return, or the one where he took over the Decepticons shortly after waking, or the one where he took over shortly after Megatron disappeared, or the one where he’s currently a prisoner of some government organisation? The first two (cartoon and Marvel comic) existed at the same time! Somebody’s going to be disappointed somewhere.

Also, it’s a series about giant, shapeshifting, alien robots fighting a neverending war on Earth. It’s not exactly a “classic war picture”. It’s status as “action movie” is practically in the design (although not the “cosmic space fantasy epic” Simon Furman keeps writing). So I don’t know what fans are looking for there, either.

Paramount’s version of Transformers is meant to be a trilogy (although if they were smart, they’d go for francise, like the Spider-Man people should have). The first movie set things up. Let’s see where the second is headed. Personally, I can’t wait for it to come out, and I may end up seeing it twice again, if I have the opportunity. That depends on things on the homefront go.

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  1. chris w. says:

    I hated the first movie for a variety of reasons, some reasons include the inappropriate use of violence, sex, and language, and pissing on people in a movie about a toy and a cartoon.

    Oh, you didn’t hear the language? The actors on several occasions said “mother******”… they actually did said it, but the movie was edited in such a way where the second half of the word was cut off. Is that appropriate at all in the context of a toy movie, PG-13 or not? Nope.

    Sweaty people everywhere. Sweaty hobag being leered at by the camera.

    “Lubricating” on people. How delightful.

    I could go on. Detestable movie.


  2. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    The only “sweaty people” I recall are the soldiers, and considering they were either in the desert or the middle of the city fighting giant robots it seems appropriate.

    I agree about the language only because it was based on a currently active toyline. But at least they did somewhat edit it enough to go over kids heads, and I’m betting that’s only because Hasbro complained. (Although the animated movie did include full on curse words in two separate scenes, which is just as stupid.) The “lubricating” scene was totally unnecessary, but I was more uncomfortable with “Sam’s Happy Time”. Sure I saw the movie twice, but I’m older and (when it comes to Transformers) a sheep. It’s not something I’d bring a kid to see, which I found disappointing. Oddly, I know people who brought kids to see Batman: The Dark Knight, which I would find even more kid-unfriendly.

    Probably too much sexual innuendo (I expect Sam to check Makalia out like that, but since I was checking out Megan Fox–being a straight single male and all–I have to plead the fifth on that scene), like the aforementioned “Happy Time” (I don’t care how much after dinner wine she had), but I’ve seen soap operas almost as bad. Again, mostly inappropriate for what should have been the target audience.

    Unlike at least one fan I talked to, I am disappointed that the kids weren’t considered. For me personally it was one of my favorite movies, but only because I’m in my 30’s. I’d still have words with Bay if this continues in Revenge of the Fallen


  3. chris w. says:

    You make good points, but this mid-30s fanboy found Transformers to be disturbing on a fundamental level. I just couldn’t get past the fact that the kids were left out.

    I forgot about the happy time scene, ugh.

    I am in the minority when I say that Iron Man was better than The Dark Knight, and I agree that The Dark Knight was not friendly to kids. The reason Iron Man wins in my book is the fact that it has a happy ending and a more clear sense of right, wrong, and heroism, and was far less bleak. I loved both movies but would recommend Iron Man first.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      Iron Man was the only movie I saw last year, but that’s more due to being sick for a good part of last year. (I missed Forbidden Kingdom, Prince Caspian, and Wall-E.) Dark Knight didn’t impress me because just from the previews I didn’t like Nolan’s take on the Joker. Nothing against Ledger, but the deadly gags are what I think of when it comes to the Joker, and it’s not just Nicholson and Hamill’s portrayals over the recent years. And that Joker make-up >looked< like make-up, rather than the acid-bleached skin that a proper Joker should have.

      Iron Man, however, was poured from liquid awesome and served with fantastic. The armor alone should have won some awards, both the CG and physical armor. It’s one of my favorite movies just for the effects, and Downey makes the perfect Stark.


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