You know, I was wondering why the RSS Feed wasn’t working.

I don’t usually make two posts in one day, but this one was rather important. I’ll avoid accidentally giving rumors credence, but suffice it to say Livejournal canceled scans_daily’s account. More info on it here. Scans_daily began as, if I understand correctly, a slashfic group, which obviously clashes with my conservative Christian viewpoints. However, it changed into a place where you can find limited scans of comics (no more than a certain percentage of the comic, not the whole thing) for use on your website (you have to host yourself) or just to get a free preview of a comic to see if you might want to collect it yourself. Something like that, anyway.

You can see in the article the reasons for scans_daily’s deletion, and some alternate places to find scans. I’m changing the hot link in the sidebar to the (at least temporary) Insane Journal home. It’s a good place to find comic scans without having to scour through my collection (although I plan to scan them all for cataloging and site use anyway eventually), so I hope it will find a way to be around. Schmevil also lists a couple other places I’ll have to check out as well.

Just a major warning: elements of what the site once was is still present. It’s not a kid-friendly group (they like kids, they just don’t happen to BE kids, if you know what I mean.) Adult language and “situations” abound, so read at your own risk and keep the younguns out of there if you know what’s good for you.

Update: Peter David responds to rumors that it was his fault.

Also, Comic Book Resources is following the story.

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