While going through the pages of the first G.I. Joe vs the Transformers series for the next Scanning My Collection, I came upon this week’s entry to the OPP. So without further adieu (because I don’t have a good opening in mind), let’s get into tonight’s Spacebooger approved edition of…

Friday Night Fight: One Panel of Pain!The Battlefield: G.I. Joe vs The Transformers #6 [Nov. 2003, Devil’s Due (still an Image imprint at the time)

The Promoters: Josh Blaylock, (story, with Dan Jolley), Mike S. Miller (penciler), Cory Hamscher (inker), Lynx Studios (color) Dreamer Design (letters)

OPTIMUS PRIME: I’ve taken time to consider what you said, Megatron, about power and force. And in your case I’ve decided…


And Megatron's chiropractor is busy this week, too.

Before I get to the Cliff Notes, let me make sure you realize what you’ve just seen here. Megatron was just essentially pistol whipped by Optimus Prime by his own arm cannon. That’s clear, right?

  • Megatron, who turns into a gun.
  • getting pistol whipped
  • with his own gun
  • by Optimus Prime

Cliff Notes: After having given Megatron his first smackdown, Optimus had a use for the arm cannon, which is why he ripped it off in the first place. Megatron makes some remark about Optimus finally seeing things his way, and that “force and power carry the day”, hence Prime’s comment above. So what’s with Prime’s new form, and why did he need Megatron’s gun? Unless some meany spoils it, you’ll have to wait until my next Scanning My Collection article.

Vote for your favorite Round 6 One Panel of Pain!

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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