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This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, Christmas for comic geeks. (I hear Blair Butler of the G4 network actually sets her comic boxes like a tree and decorates it. Or I’m totally making that up. You decide.) Every first Saturday in May, comic companies prepare a special comic book, sometimes a sampler, sometimes an original story, to promote some of their comics, and just give it away. (Unless your a comic store owner, then you have to at least pay the shipping for it.) The goal is to bring people into the store, in the hopes of drawing new readers to comics in general, and their comics specifically.

The only flaw I see here is that the public has to hear about this while the event is still going on. If they hear it on the news Friday night, it could work. Saturday night, however, is a bit too late, and I really don’t see a lot of promotion for Free Comic Book Day outside of comic and media sites (like this one) or comic stores. I’m not sure how this helps. Maybe it’s just in my area.

At any rate, I will be there hunting down comics, but rather than go through them for the Sunday review, since by the time I review them it will be too late to try and get them anyway, I’m considering either reviewing a FCBD comic a day in addition to my usual posts, or just review them all in one special review, possibly pre-empting Saturday Night Theater. So, anyone curious as to what comics I’m specifically looking out for?

I could pick them all up in theory. After all, they’re free to me, so they don’t cost me anything. However, if there’s a comic I already know I want nothing to do with, why bother getting it? Leave it for someone who might be interested in that kind of title. You can check out the full list at ComiXology, or at the official Free Comic Book Day website, but here’s my list.

Atomic Robo and Friends

I’ve heard praise from other bloggers I read, and robot vs. dinosaur does appeal to me.

Bongo Comics Free For All

Mostly, I’m looking for more “Radioactive Man” comics, but I’ll see if I’m interested in the others. I’m not that big a Simpsons fan.

Disney/Pixar’s Cars

I haven’t had the chance to catch the movie, which is part of the reason I didn’t pick up the comic, but for free, I’m curious enough to check it out.

DC Kids Mega Sampler

The sampler is set to include BW favs Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, and the ever loved Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade, as well as fan favorite Tiny Titans. If Batson and Supergirl aren’t original stories, I may leave this for the kiddies. If I could get more than one of a comic, this and a few others would be snagged to give to my cousin’s kids.

Update: Landry Walker himself just dropped in a reply saying that the Supergirl story was taken out at the last minute. So unless the Batson story is original or spotlight’s Kunkle’s back-up writer team, I may not get this, either.

Green Lantern Blackest Night #0

DC’s latest “event” is something I’m going to avoid overall, but I’m still curious enough to get a free sample of what I’m avoiding.

Impact University Vol.5

These are put out every year, full of instructions about creating comics. I can use that in my plans for world domination to become a comic writer.

Life and Times  of Scrooge McDuck, Mickey, and the Gang

If I had more time and space, I’d be a regular reader of Gemstone’s Disney comics. The classic characters don’t get enough love anymore, in favor of the new kids in town. My local comic store doesn’t even carry them regularly as far as I know.

Love and Capes

I’ve seen this online at Wowio, and I so wish I could find them regularly. A comedy about a girl who finds out her boyfriend is the biggest superhero on the block, dealing with his super-powered ex, all sorts of good stuff. It’s a great comic.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Evolution of a Hero

Since I’m considering getting back into this series now that they’re not stuffing so much into so little, it would be a good idea to check up on the Mobius gang before just dropping in full force.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I want to see how this compares to the current Cartoon Network series, but I still wish Dark Horse would do more Droids comics. I need my R2 and 3PO fix.

Stuff of Legend Preview

Just click the link and read the blurb. That should say it all.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 25th Anniversary Reprint

It’s a reprint of the very first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic ever. What comic collector or 80’s kid who remembers either of the cartoons and movies wouldn’t want that? And for free? Ok, the third live-action movie was horrible, but everything else rocked!

William Shatner Presents #1

A sampler of comics based on the written works of William Shatner. What’s not to want?

Interestingly enough for long-term readers, I’m not getting the Transformers Animated/G.I. Joe special. I’m not a big G.I. Joe fan (only when the story interacts with the Transformers or the cartoons) and the TFA story is just a reprint of one that appeared in the “Arrival” miniseries, so there’s no need to get this one. Otherwise, there are other offerings that I may end up getting, and some on this list I may change my mind about once I get there. Stay tuned for what I considered the best of the Free Comic Book Day offerings.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Just a heads up: Unfortunately DC made a last minute change and removed Supergirl from the Free Comic Book day anthology. Sorry about that.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:


      Thanks for the update. And if you come back this way, was it going to be an original story, or just reprinting pages from the regular comic?


  2. Other than some cover art, it would have been reprint material. Not sure what. So in that sense, the loss is minimal.


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