You’ll note the new title. I also changed the category name and folded the old Saturday Night Galactica into the new section. Calling it “Theater” sort of trapped me (in my mind at least) with doing only video reviews. The point of the Saturday posting is to promote stories I like, as well as what inspires my past and future writings, and give you, my 20 or so readers, a chance to see them for yourself, rather than just me reviewing them. I want to expand past fan film and old TV shows into fanfics, online comics, and whatever else. Also, I sometimes don’t have the time to go video hunting, and since I read fan comics and other web comics, why not give them a promo, too. But tonight, it’s another video.

Back in the late 90’s, the networks still aired their own programming, rather than giving it to third parties. Tonight I choose a rather underrated series from CBS (it only lasted one season) that pushed the “cyberpunk” style into kids TV, and rather well (considering cyberpunk is seldom my thing). It was humorous, filled with action, and wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of weirdness. Tonight I bring you…Project Geeker!


“Can I have a chocolate monkey? No, it’s candy. Really.”

According to Wikipedia (an often questionable source, mind you), Project G.eeK.eR. was canceled, despite good ratings, because of government-mandated requirements for “education content” shows. I wonder why my generation survived, considering we didn’t have all this mandated educational content? It’s too bad nobody else picked up this series, as it was a highlight of my Saturday morning, and I was (allegedly) an adult by then.

The backstory for the series is right there in the opening, and Becky also gives us a bit of exposition as well. The story has a couple of thieves, Lady Macbeth, a woman with a cybernetic arm, and Noah, a super-intellegent dinosaur, attempting to steal a device from evil businessmen (are there ever any good ones on TV not dressed as a bat anymore?) and his mastadon scientist. What they end up with is Project GKR, a shape-shifting, intellegent instrument of destruction. However, since he wasn’t “fully cooked”, what they have is a scatterbrained screwball who would rather not be a killing machine. So Macbeth and Noah are forced to protect “Geeker” from Morlock. It’s a nice backstory, summed up rather quickly.


The person she really hates is her hairstylist.

Lady Macbeth (or “Becky” to those who don’t know any better) is the one who actually broke into Dr. Maston’s lab and stole GKR. She isn’t some rebel fighting against Morlock’s dominion, or some other heroic type. She’s a common thief (well, common for this place) who just grabbed GKR in the hopes of making some quick cash on the black market, or ransom, or something. She’s not necessarily a bad person, she just has a bad attitude. It’s been awhile, so I don’t remember if the reason she has a mechanical arm was ever given on the show. She obviously doesn’t like Geeker. Due to his craziness, he gets on her nerves. She may also be upset because she wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for her stealing GKR in the first place. However, she isn’t heartless, and may like the little nutjob more than she lets on.


“What did you say about my hat?”

Interesting that the dinosaur appears to be the brains of the outfit. Noah is a resident of “Dinopolis”, where dinosaurs went to survive. The story of how he and “Becky” became friends is one I’m not sure was given on the show, but he’s one of the few creatures that she gets along with.


“Um, nothing, it’s a nice hat, really.”

Dr. Maston is almost as nuts as his creation. A brilliant scientist in the employ of Mr. Morlock, Maston seems to get angry when he even thinks someone is questioning his genius. The device on his back allows him to float around like that overweight guy in the Dune movie. His greatest success may well be Project GKR, but thus far he has been unable to recreate it. (Lucky for the world.)


“I should get a goatee. I’m not a real villain without a goatee.”

Morlock is the bad guy. He’s always calm and in control, but Geeker has a way of getting him upset. If Morlock gets him back under his control, he plans to take over the world. However, he already seems to be in charge, and I don’t recall any rebel group opposing him, so I have to wonder what he has left to conquer. Still, he leaves the ranting to Maston and otherwise is an interesting villain for a kid-targeted lighthearted action show.

If any of the above sounds fun, it is. Between Geeker’s mental lapses, Becky’s “looking out for number one–ok, let’s just save the world or something” attitude, Noah’s being an intellegent dinosaur (what else does he need?), Morlock’s two henchmen, and Maston being Maston, Project G.eeK.eR. is a roller coaster ride of fun, combined with out-there sci-fi and good old fashioned fighting. You should check out all 13 episodes online.

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