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Finally, it’s time to see what the namesake media of this convention blessed us with. Sadly, not every panel I would have visited will be represented, but let’s go with it.


  • Newsarama calls this SDCC footage, so what the heck: Dan Didio talks with Newsarama about their plans for the Superman titles. When he says that every book needs “time to breathe” and tell their own tales, that’s a bit difficult when all these events keep taking place.
  • Then there’s the panel at Comic-Con, with so much to complain about I’m going to have to write a post just on that. The highlights: another event happening in the Supertitles the same time as the “World Without a Superman” storyline, monkeying with the origin story–AGAIN, Kryptonians are evil conquering people now, an “alien Namor” (whatever that means), and Black Lantern Superman (Earth-2).
  • The JSA panel: The JSA has gotten so big that they’re going to split the teams. It sounds like a good idea from the article. Then again, so does Power Girl, but anyone who read issue #2 would refute that. Such as myself. Matthew Sturges later talks to Comic Book Resources about the younger members forming the All-Stars.
  • The Geoff Johns panel (yes, he had his own panel) is just one piece of bad news after another. Yeah, that’s going to be another post, just for the shot at Kyle Rayner, the best GL ever.
  • I’m kind of neutral on what little news there was on the Batman panel and the DC Nation panel.
  • From a CBR interview with Johns about the upcoming Flash titles: ” Geoff, speedster fans must be reveling in all this Flash news.” Apparently, he’s not reading the same blogs I am.

Marvel Logo

  • Reggie Hudlin, the current Black Panther writer, and Denys Cowan are working together on a Black Panther/Captain America story set during World War 2.
  • Marvel’s “Mondo Marvel” panel doesn’t do anything for me. Quesada claims that Marvel is pulling back from mega events as they head for the “final act” of the story begun during “Civil War”. I’ll believe it when I see it. Also, he takes a shot at someone’s Robin costume, because Marvel and DC aren’t supposed to get along anymore.
  • However, there’s the announcement about Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes that both makes me happy and sad. Tobin will try to create a cohesive universe within the done-in-one stories, which I’ve been advocating for a while, along with continuity with the other titles (which is now only MA: Spider-Man, and no word was given about their interacting). On the other hand, he is planning on restarting the Avengers, which means that now Marvel Adventures: The Avengers doesn’t really exist anymore. And he’s not bringing Tigra into the new Avengers, a character he has done an amazing job with (in light of the poor job that’s been done all these years in the main titles), but is bringing in Sue Storm. Why? I love MA Tigra!
  • The general Marvel panel brings the news that they’ve gotten the rights to the Miracleman/Marvelman character. Not sure I care, but it’s supposedly big news. Also, what else do you add to the Red Hulk than a Red She-Hulk? How about some good ideas! And I thought DC’s Technicolor Lanterns was a bad idea.
  • Oh yeah, “World War Hulks“. Seriously. Why?
  • By rights, I have to mention the panel for the “Dark Reign” arc. Much like the arc, I don’t have to like it. Quesada orders a pizza, a little kid in a (rather good) Vision costume cheers for Obama, and nobody knows what HAMMER stands for, yet it’s an acronym. (For that matter, what does SWORD stand for?) One interesting thing, though, is that Bendis was actually denied Magento on the Cabal because of plans in the X-Books, hence Emma Frost’s membership. It’s odd to see the crossover event author get turned down.

other comic companies

  • Sadly, no Transformers news at the IDW panel, but some interesting stuff involving their iPhone app, Bill Willingham, old comics being reprinted (including The Rocketeer–yay!), an old DC Comics editor moving to IDW, and a comic based on Weekly World News. (Meanwhile, the folks at Action Age are kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.)
  • The Archie panel naturally discussed the upcoming “Archie Weds Veronica” storyline, which is a mistake. He totally should go with Betty!
  • The Aliens vs. Predator movies have been a bust, but the comic is coming back.
  • Sergio AragonĂ©s will be working on Simpsons stories at Bongo. Neat. Sadly, no news on bringing back a Radioactive Man series.
  • The Dark Horse Panel: Dark Horse has acquired the license to the Mass Effect game as well as internet series Dr. Horrible and The Guild. Plus more Clone Wars comics, including a graphic novel that ISN’T a trade collection of previously released comics. I didn’t think an original GN story anymore.
  • I don’t read anything from Arachia Productions (and after reading the plot of Starkweather Immortal I doubt I will), but the fact that they’ve teamed up with Roddenberry Productions is still news.
  • And almost as soon as I write that: Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock. Well played, Arachia. Well played.
  • The Boom Studios Panel: Already knew about the Incredibles ongoing, but now The Muppet Show will join it. Good news. I wonder how they got the Disney license, though, between SLG and Gemstone.

More and more reports are coming out. I’ll have more tomorrow, but then it’s back to normal operations.

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  1. Degu can't stop himself says:

    *If the little booger said ‘LOLZ McCain’s the ubarrrr-man’ or whatever the little brats say these days, would Conqueso have invited him up? And which one is Fraction in that picture? They both look like soulless imaginary robots. I guess I’ll figure it out eventually. (NOTE TO PSYCH WARD: still haven’t shaken this urge to trash poor Matty every time I see the name, better up my dose).

    *So these Osborn Avengers only get four hours to kill the Punisher? Huh? Wouldn’t an assassin be, like, top priority or something? DUMB GIMMICK ALERT! Avengers serving this unrepentant murderer and trying to get a guy who tries to stop him? Stuuuuupid.

    *And World War Hulks, BLECHHH…give us back our old, lovable green giant. Pak is rising fast on my comic twit list, he’s nothing but a crap villian anymore. If the real Hulk is the guy who smashed up the awesome Dr. Strange, man who saved the multiverse a bazillion times, then he deserved to get dumped on that stupid rock. Marvel looking at things backwards as usual.

    *Ah, the Dark Crystal…never been a huge animation/puppet guy, but I actually enjoyed that way back. Might have to check out the original to refresh my old memories.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      The only Matt Fraction-penned comic I’ve read is the Iron Man comic that Spider-Man guest starred in, which only highlighted how the other writers have messed up both characters post Civil War/Brand New Day, so I really can’t judge his work.

      As far as Christian goes, I was more commenting on what he’s getting from his parents rather than the panelists reactions. However, I’m betting his writing Dark X-Men would be a breath of fresh air from the writing we’re getting in 616 these days. I’m so in favor of Howard the Duck taking down Osborn. 🙂 (Although I think the kid should be reading Marvel Adventures, not Marvel Proper. Why give scar the kid emotionally?)

      Also, The Dark Crystal is awesome and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Same for the original Neverending Story. (The less said about the sequels the better.) I came across a manga-style prequel to The Dark Crystal some time ago, and I wish they made more issues. It was pretty good.


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